In Torpor

by Jocose Bird

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The first complete album from Jocose Bird, featuring 12 original songs
Recorded mixed and mastered by Joseph Faison and Wilton Wall at Long Gone New Orleans, this is a fully accompanied recording of the original Jocose Bird album in addition to two new originals.


released June 30, 2016

Zeaira Quinn: Banjo, vocals, songwriting
Annabelle Lune: Violin
Corey McGillivary: Bass
Molmol booboo: Accordion
John Ratliff: Claienett
Shine Delphi: Guitar



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Jocose Bird New Orleans, Louisiana

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Track Name: Id rather be an animal
I'd rather have the heart of a mean dog
Than sitting quiet waiting for to talk
And while I rot away
Waiting for you're gaze I guess
I'd rather be an animal than this

I'd rather race thru the trees coat of stickers from the leaves
Wind in my hair id be blessed
And all the wither while not knowing how not to not smile
You'd be impressed

I'd prefer to be a rabid dog
Than sit and hear you're endless mindless talk
You're precious memories they are tedious to me
Well I'd rather be an animal than this
Track Name: Laughing Waltz
There's nothing like laughter when all you can sing is the blues
But laughter can't take all the blues from the blueish of blues
And if the sun should shine the most phalo hues
All the clouds should pine away at the news
Track Name: Askin' for a muggin'
There's a gentleman walking down music lane
About 34 years and he's white as an egg
Cash in his pockets and he's dressed to the tee
He's asking for a mugging if you want to ask me

Walk on down and turn around
You're asking for a mugging from me oh darling
You're asking for a mugging from me

There's flowers in the garden and glitter in the trees
A broken glass bottle is a diamond to me
I've got a thousand diamonds not a dollar
So it looks like a muggin's just what you need

I dont get much for being good looking
Nothing in the kitchen still worth cooking
And when the bills got ya badly bent
Theres nothing like a mugging to pay the rent
Track Name: Walk alone
How dare you walk alone
Stranded from youre home
By and by the wayside
How dare you go and roam

My rage is unscathed by the light of youre desire
My fire it burns brighter now youre dreams are dark and tired